On November 13th, Purecontrol inaugurated its first participation in the Piscine Global Europe show as exposing.

It was the opportunity to present our innovative technology, developed since 2 years: Purepool, a case which embarks an artificial intelligence.

After the connected cases, it is now in the case 4.0 to arrive on the market. Purecontrol understands well it by developing a system based on the artificial intelligence and learning machine. The objective is simple: make the totally autonomous swimming pool, limiting the energy wasting, and bringing more of comfort to the user.

Purecontrol has to assert his presence and his innovat character during the Piscine Global Europe show. The product questioned and a white paper on the profit of the AI for the user and the pool cleaner is in progress. (Make your demand via contact@purecontrol.com, to receive it in preview).

This technology comes to revolutionize the sector of the private swimming pool and ensues from our knowledge and our expertise on the collective ponds. Purecontrol is the reference actor for the collective ponds, worried of improving operating costs.

Contact us, and discover how to obtain excellent results, without investment, thanks to Purecontrol. Contact: contact@purecontrol.com/Geoffroy Maillard 06 49 30 37 87