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Artificial intelligence at the service of industry.

  • Purecontrol has developed a platform to manage the energy performance of industrial equipments, companies and communities.

  • The objectives are multiple: To improve performance, reduce energy costs and predict maintenance operations
    improved performance, lower energy costs, predictive maintenance…

  • Purecontrol combines an innovative control system with artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze equipment operation and predict requirements to deliver the best technical response in terms of efficiency.

How are we going to manage your energy performance ?

schema explicatif de notre processus en trois phases

Our energy optimization process

1. Collecting and characterizing your data

We collect and analyze your data:measuring to get information in order to progress.

The strength of our artificial intelligence platform is based on its optimal ability to adapt to each situation and thus reach the aim leading to operational excellence for your company.

2. Artificial intelligence platform

Thanks to machine learning, our platform gets to know and understand the mechanism and energy evolutions of your industry.

By combining internal and external factors, it will be able to maximize your energy efficiency, as well as predict and anticipate the energy needs of your business.

Moreover, predictive maintenance of your equipment will be supported by our platform as well.

3. Autonomous steering: maximum energy saving

By continuously analyzing all the data of your company and by acting in real time on your equipment, you will take advantage of the best configuration at the right time for an optimized energy expenditure.

The payment we expect is based on results and therefore you are guaranteed no billing if you do not achieve a minimum of 5% saving.

In order to benefit from a more profitable economic situation: Please contact our engineers.

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Specific cases to which you could identify yourself


  • Collective swimming pools
  • 11/04/2018
  • between 4 and 19% savings

Pools are an important source of energy waste. We support accompany you in your project in the optimization and control of the energies. The goal is to predict the evolution of the pools (temperature, chemical parameters of the pools …) in order to anticipate them and act accordingly.

Industrial air conditioning

  • Data center
  • 10/05/2018
  • 13% savings

Our solution optimizes the performance of cold units and air conditioning systems. The first objective is the energy optimization of equipments. The second one is to detect any faults as soon as possible, thanks to the predicting algorithms that deal with the running of equipments.

Pressurized air

  • Dairy
  • 21/02/2018
  • 27% savings

How to predict and anticipate the need for compressed air? Our solution reduces energy losses and reduces pressure variations on the network. We control all production compressors, to adapt them to the integration of new constraints on the operation. Our prediction algorithms are also relevant for the early detection of dysfunction.

Wastewater treatment

  • Wastewater treatment
  • 07/07/2018
  • 10% savings

With its ability to invest, its flexibility and adaptability, our solution becomes an indispensable STEP management tool to adapt the best configuration at the right time.

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